Success Stories

In the Town That Votes First, A Push To Keep Resort Benefits Local

In 2011, the historic Balsams Resort shut its doors after more than a hundred years operating in the tiny town of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. With the closure, hundreds of North Country citizens lost their jobs, and the town, which had become well known for being one of the first places to cast ballots in the state’s presidential primary — at midnight at the resort — found a beloved tradition in jeopardy.

Through Storytelling, Residents Share Past and Envision Future

Longtime Candia residents gathered at the Smyth Public Library last week for a storytelling circle to reminisce, and consider how they would like to see their community in the future. They shared memories of well-loved Dr. Sanders, the annual Fourth of July celebration, Saturday night dances at the Fireman’s Hall, trips to Philips General Store in East Candia, and growing up riding bikes with other kids in the neighborhood.

How a 19th-Century Town Became a New Millennium Marvel

From Politico Magazine: "When Hunter S. Thompson came to New Hampshire’s largest city to cover the 1972 presidential campaign, he described it as “a broken down mill town with an aggressive Chamber of Commerce and America’s worst newspaper. There’s nothing much else to say for it.” Manchester’s downtown business district was drying up, its sewers poured excrement into the Merrimack River and most of the massive brick mills sandwiched in between were empty husks, awaiting a revival of U.S. manufacturing that would never arrive.