Natural Resources Inventories

Sunset Lake NRIA Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) identifies and describes important naturally-occurring resources within a community, watershed or region. It provides the basis for land conservation planning, allows natural resource information to be included in local planning and zoning, and provides communities with a strong foundation for informed decision-making. 

For communities considering techniques for protecting natural resources – either through voluntary or regularly means - a Natural Resources Inventory is necessary for developing priorities. 

The NRI can serve two major purposes - in addition to being a stand-alone document, a community’s NRI (narrative and maps) can also serve as the Natural Resources chapter of the Master Plan.  This approach promotes consistency between the NRI and the Master Plan.

On the Natural Resources Inventories Resources page, you will find a number of links to websites and publications that help New Hampshire communities with their NRI projects.

A conservation plan is a vision for the future ecological health of an area and provides an action plan to protect these features over the long term. The Natural Resource Inventory forms the basis for a conservation plan. Resources for Conservation planning are provided on the Natural Resources Inventories Resources.