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"Many people think of New Hampshire’s forest industry as a North Country phenomenon. After all, that’s where the trees are, right?" This story from NH Business Review describes the success of NH's forest industry. Read more

In the July/August issue, a NH Municipal Association article outlines four options for NH communities interested in pursuing energy projects. Energy Commissions in particular may find this to be a useful overview of available strategies for pursuing energy goals. Read more here.

"Thanks to an eclectic downtown, excellent amenities, and high quality of life indicators such as housing costs, Littleton has garnered national kudos as one of the Huffington Post’s best small towns in America. Just last year, a Boston Globe travel writer even declared that Littleton was “teetering on the edge of hipness.”

This mountain town of roughly 6,000 may be hip, but it’s hardly complacent. Lauren Anderson, executive director of the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce, is working with her colleagues to ensure Littleton’s future by reaching out to the young professionals poised to assume the mantle of leadership in the coming decade, i.e., millennials."

Read the full article here

Resources are posted from the 21st Annual OEP Spring Planning and Zoning Conference held on Saturday, May 2, 2015, at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH. Get the resources

Road questions arise frequently across the spectrum of municipal issues - from land use regulation and development to liability, maintenance and financing. This handbook is designed as a general guide to statutes and case law to help municipal officials sort their way through many of the complex legal questions involved with municipal highways. We hope it will continue to be a resource for municipal officials to turn to when confronted with the numerous legal questions that are asked about local roads and highways.

For info on cost and to order, contact Judy Pearson at 603-230-3355 or email her at jpearson@nhmunicipal.org.

LACONIA - "We're not playing it safe," remarked Bree Henderson, 26, who owns and operates Polished & Proper, the barbershop and shave parlor on Main Street,. "We're taking risks."

She is one of a growing circle of young entrepreneurs who are enlivening commerce in downtown Laconia.

Click here for the full story on recent efforts in Franklin

For the first time, the key partners in Franklin for a Lifetime presented summaries of their work to the mayor and city council so they could begin formal consideration of the many concepts and suggestions that have come from the visioning process.

Franklin has come a long way in a year. Hundreds of citizens, from 5 to 85, have spoken about what they love about their city, and what they want for it. (Children's drawings of how they see Franklin in their mind's eye and their lists of favorite things about Franklin, like "full moon sledding," add priceless heart to the conversation.) Cooperative Extension, Plan NH, and The Citizen's Institute on Rural Design have linked their respective expertise to help Franklin structure this conversation, to give it shape and a greater potential for clear results. Experts from other communities like Franklin have come to tell their stories of challenge and success.

Click here for the full story on recent efforts in Franklin

July 9, 12-1pm. Join Stephen Lisauskas, WasteZero's Vice President of Government Affairs and Regional Vice President of Municipal Partnerships, and the City of Concord's Director of General Services, Chip Chesley, in this webinar which will examine how a growing number of New Hampshire towns and cities are turning to pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs to cut their municipal solid waste volumes, boost their finances, and help the environment. This webinar will also include detailed case studies of successful PAYT programs in the City of Concord and the Town of Tilton. Register Here