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Housing comes in all shapes and sizes in the Granite State. The 2017 NH accessory dwelling units (ADUs) law adds another housing dimension, giving homeowners the right to create an ADU to house a family member, caregiver or to rent out for income. What’s an ADU? They’re residential units for one or more persons, attached to or associated with a single-family dwelling (such as an apartment over a garage, in a basement, or in an outbuilding). Download our guide for public officials who are implementing the law in their communities. 

Plymouth State University's Center for the Environment and the Museum of the White Mountains are co-hosting a talk on June 22, 2016 at 4:30 - 5:30 pm by Dr. Lindsey Rustad on "Changing Climate, Changing Forests: Linking global and local perspectives on how a changing climate sculpts forests of New Hampshire." Rustad will discuss her latest research on climate change and the Northern Forest. She is interested in human-made disturbances on forested ecosystems in New England, especially as it applies to climate change. For more information, please contact: June Hammond Rowan or Rebecca Enman

Community Engagement was a large focus of the Candia Community Profile—both at the Community Profile event in April and prior to the event. The steering committee used a variety of tools to engage a wide population of Candia Community members. They were successful in conducting a student artwork project at the local school, hosting long-time resident storytelling circles, and using posters for people to prioritize issues and share thoughts at the New Hampshire Primary Election and Candia Town Meeting. The additional input gathered through these activities added another dimension to the Community Profile, as it provided opportunity for input from a broader audience. Many of the comments gathered before the event were very consistent with conversations at the Community Profile event. Read the full story

New Hampshire Housing’s Spring Multi-family Conference has quickly become a "not to be missed" yearly gathering of the state’s affordable multi family housing development community. Join us on May 12 in Portsmouth to learn about innovative design models for multi family housing covering a diverse array of topics, including creation of more livable spaces, accessibility, micro apartments and new approaches to adaptive reuse. The morning will also provide for a timely discussion of encouraging small scale residential development in the existing housing stock and infill sites.

The conference provides a tremendous opportunity to network with colleagues and partners across the spectrum of the affordable housing community; developers, funders, syndicators, property managers, builders and designers. Learn more

A landscape-scale invasive plant prioritization strategy produced by New Hampshire Fish and Game and the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau Invasive Plant Working Group, with input from over 120 community members and natural resource managers and organizations. Get the resource

Communities across New Hampshire are already experiencing the impacts of a changing climate to their infrastructure, natural resources, and people. For example, the number and cost of presidentially-declared disasters and emergency declarations in New Hampshire has increased significantly since 2005. The increase in frequency and severity of storms has also presented communities with rising costs to keep roads clear and repair or replace parts of their infrastructure.

Learn how your community can prepare for climate change. Get the resource

Final Granite State Future products have been posted to the “Our Plans” page of www.granitestatefuture.org. Highlights include:

  • The Statewide Snapshot- presents the compilation the nine regional plans, numerous statewide technical studies, and the robust outreach efforts to presents priorities from across the state. 
  • The Nine Regional Plans- highlights from and links to the final documents from each region.
  • Statewide Research- including the Existing Conditions Assessment, Regional Plan Framework, climate change studies, UNH survey, equity and engagement checklist, and results of statewide public engagement efforts.
  • Planning Metrics- Common metrics of benefit to local, regional and state master plans with Excel data downloads and an online GIS data viewer hosted by GRANIT.

Please contact any of the nine RPC if you would like to organize a presentation.

May 3rd from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. - Porter Community Room, Montshire Museum, Norwich, VT The Upper Valley Roundtable is an annual gathering of dozens of local energy volunteers from across the Upper Valley. If you've attended the Roundtable in years past, you know this event is part family reunion, part support group, and part learning session. Come ready to be refreshed and inspired! This year's agenda will include dinner, updates from the regions energy committees and groups as well as a panel on local energy policy. Stay tuned for more details! Register here